Saturday, August 26, 2006

Greetings and salutations, all.
I have been busy this summer, and my blogging (and writing) came to a temporary stanstill.
I am actually still quite busy. I am in a few plays, one coming up this week. I am rehearsing another that opens about two weeks after this other one, so I'm always at rehearsal.
However, I am writing. It is a deeply personal, and wonderful feeling to be writing what I am writing at the moment. It is called "Half-Full". It has been brewing for years. I am writing it now in my head, even as I type this. The actual writing phase will be beginning soon (I am brainstorming, connecting the dots, etc.)
So...what happened to "Exile's Last Parade"? It is not dead and gone, but neither is it clawing at my brain. Exile needs a few more parades before it can have a last one. "Half-Full" is also set in my fictional little world of Exile, as is the vague shadows of a long story/possible novel, which, if ever written, would be called "The Children of Exile". After these pieces (and a companion piece to a play I wrote called "The Girl I'm Gonna Marry"), I will revisit Jude, Katie, Stiller, and Bruce.
In the meantime, this blog will become a journal of the process, with possible excerpts.
Peace to all.
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